Rocky Mountain District Association Of Chapters

It's 2015

The Rocky Mountain District is over 35 chapters and dozens of quartets in 9 states... a vital part of the Barbershop Harmony Society. We are men of all ages, from all walks of life, who love to sing -- we are fans and friends who thrill to the sound of harmony - learn more here. Join us... drop in on any of our chapter chorus rehearsals - click here to see a list of district chapters.

The Pine will represent the Rocky Mountain District in Pittsburgh at this summer's College Quartet Contest

College Quartet Scoresheet

This was the Rocky Mountain District's first year incorporating the Harmony Platoon Experience into the Spring Convention so we took advantage of that and had the winning quartet from the first contest as the Mic Testers for the College Quartet Contest and the winning quartet from the second contest as the Mic Coolers in preparation for the announcements.

HPWinner1 HPWinneer2
Mic Tester [Harmony Platoon Winner 1st Contest] Mic Cooler [Harmony Platoon Winner 2nd Contest]

Upcoming Event: RMD Fall Convention in Cheyenne, WY - 11 - 12 September. Details to follow.